We can still get you to Cuba. Here’s why.
As a result of the recent tightening of U.S./Cuba travel policy by President Donald Trump, a lot of confusion has surfaced as to whether or not Americans can still travel to Cuba.
            Over the summer, Donald Trump prohibited solo people-to-people travel to Cuba, which is essentially trips that are self-planned; a category introduced by former president, Barack Obama, in 2016. President Trump’s changes to travel restrictions remain overall very minimal, with people-to-people trips sponsored by a qualified organization, such as the ones we provide, along with assistance to the Cuban people, and humanitarian visits still being permissible. This means that Americans can still travel to Cuba, but with regulated tours provided through certified travel companies.
           Cuba is both safe and accessible to Americans. Here at Bespoke-CCT, we feel optimistic about the future of travel to Cuba, and will continue to assist in fostering connections between the Cuban people and American travelers, through the highest standard of trip planning. While the State Department has recently published an expanded list of restrictions, it still does not limit many who want to travel to Cuba in the future. As always, we are here to assist in making your visit to Cuba a unique, experiential journey.